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2.8 km in 21 minutes. #Wednesday #run #january #2019 #nikeplus

What's my favorite travel and events camera? Just transferred Gigabytes of footage to my MacBook Pro for editing. #gopro #hero7black #MacBookpro #videocontent #camera

Its so satisfying disassembling and repairing an old electric fan.

Making Still Images Move in VideoPad

Someone asked me how to make photos move using VideoPad, the free video editing software. So I made this tutorial. a stop to boring slideshows. Activate this feature to create dramatic photo montage videos. Let me introduce the Ken Burns effect in VideoPad.If you want to get started with VideoPad, the free video editing software, go to the link below.→ #videoediting #Tutorial #training #video #software #youtube #videomarketing #howto #tip #videoproduction #videography #zoom #tilt #pan #kenburns #effect

How to Turn a Slideshow from Boring to Dramatic using VideoPad

Someone asked me how to make photos move using VideoPad, the free video editing software. So I made this tutorial. Put a stop to boring slideshows. Activate this feature to create dramatic photo montage videos. Let me introduce the Ken Burns effect in VideoPad. If you want to get started with VideoPad, the free video editing software, go to the link below.
#videopad #videoediting #Tutorial #training #video #software #youtube #videomarketing #howto #tip #videoproduction #videography #zoom #tilt #pan #kenburns #effect

EXO Pocket Cage for DJI Osmo Pocket

The DJI Osmo Pocket mini gimbal camera has its own professional cage solution, the EXO Pocket Cage. But what does it do?EXO Pocket Cage is fully compatible with Osmo Pocket accessories.EXO can be adjusted to use the Pocket wireless base for remote controlEXO is designed to be used with the Pocket original Control Grip extensionEXO gives full access to the Pocket USB-C bottom and back-side portsEXO allows for smartphones up to a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to be connected to the Pocket via the original phone adapter.1/4-20 UNC threaded holes with steel Helicoils3/8-16 UNC bottom mounting point
ARRI 2-pin mount, anti-rotationPRICE: 35.99USD – PRE-ORDER
EXPECTED Availability OF FIRST BATCH, END February 2019.

7000 steps in 7 hours. At an event shoot. I thought I walked more than that.

My wireless interview solution.

Wow! Adrian speaks better English than most native English speakers. Anyway why take a minute to appreciate? :) #YouTube #bmpcc4k #review #blackmagicdesign #videoproduction #camera

I am now editing a tutorial for beginners on how to turn a slideshow from boring to dramatic. Using a lesser known feature in VideoPad. #videoediting #videopad #finalcutpro #MacBookpro #howto #tutorial #KenBurns #videoproduction #videocontent

10 Steps on How to Use Feiyu Vimble 2 Smartphone Stabilizer

The old Feiyu Vimble 2 smartphone stabilizer. My friend bought it. He has no idea how to use it. So I made this video. Quiz: Which Cafe did I shoot this video? Hint: see the second last scene.

#youtube #videoediting #videocontent #finalcutpro #feiyutech #vimble2 #smartphone #gimbal

Samsung Galaxy S10 Complete Specs: Leaks and Rumors

What are Samsung Galaxy S10 model names, storage, RAM, camera improvements, and specs?Find out more about the real Samsung Galaxy S10 release date, specs and price in Singapore.Leaks and Rumors:Galaxy S10 Lite: 4GB of RAM + 128GB storageGalaxy S10: 6GB of RAM + 128GB, or 256GB storageGalaxy S10 Plus: 6GB, or 8GB of RAM + 128GB, 256GB or 512GB of storageGalaxy S10 Plus (5G Model): 8GB, or 12GB of RAM + 256GB, 512GB or 1TB storageAll three models of the Galaxy S10 will include a secondary ultra-wide 16MP f/1.9 lens with a 123-degree field of view (Yayy!)
but nooptical image stabilisation (OIS). (It’s ok!)This will be paired with a 12MP standard lens with the variable aperture mechanism. The lens will be able to switch between f/1.5 and f/2.4 based on the amount of available light in order to improve image quality. This camera is said to have OIS. (Yayy!)T

A very short #run. To much on my mind.

Sony a6400 Mirrorless Camera

It has a flip-up screen, 4K 30 fps video and animal eye-tracking.The a6400 comes with a touchscreen that flips all the way around — 180 degrees — so you get a preview of how you’ll look as you’re filming your latest video. Ideal for vloggers.Includes a hot shoe mount and a microphone jack, as well as 4K video recording at 24 or 30 fps.Same hybrid autofocus system Sony also uses in its bigger, more expensive Alpha cameras like the A7 III, to accomplish what the company claims is the “world’s fastest 0.02 second AF acquisition speed”.mid-rangeAPS-C24-megapixelflip-up screen4K 30 fps videocaptures 4K at the sensor’s full resolutionshoots 1080p at up to 120 fpsanimal eye-tracking.microphone port (but no headphone jack, sigh)USB charging (yayy)Why is it called the a6400 when its predecessors are a6300and a6500? It’s real predecessor is the a5100 and replaces the a6300. Sits below the a6500.Source:…

Apple Smart Battery Case iPhone XR, XS and XS MAX

Apple launches $129 smart battery case for iPhone XR, XS and XS Max.The new case will support wireless charging too.iPhone XS Smart Battery CaseiPhone XS Max Smart Battery CaseiPhone XR Smart Battery Case
The Smart Battery Case is compatible with Qi-certified chargers. You can charge your iPhone and battery case simultaneously for increased talk time up to 33 hours, Internet use up to 21 hours, and even longer audio and video playback.Note: iPhone X owners won’t be able to use these cases on their phones.Source:


Olloclip Slim Cases are now available for iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max.Designed to work seamlessly with olloclip lenses. With the Slim Case, you no longer need to remove your case to use your lenses.• Rubberized bumpers give you grip.• Sturdy, scratch-resistant back for protection.• Raised bezel keeps your screen from contacting flat surfaces.* Lens not included.Price as at January 2019 Sgd44.69.

I struggled to get my ZhiYun Smooth 4 level with the ground. Then I did these steps that work for me.

Lexar 1TB SD Card

Lexar Announces 1TB 633x SDXC UHS-I card, the behemoth of storage capacity. – January 2019Leverages Class 10 UHS-I (U3, V30) technology for a read transfer speed up to 95MB/s (633x)*Capture high quality images and extended lengths of stunning 1080p full-HD, 3D, and 4K videoHigh-speed file transfer from card to computer to dramatically accelerate workflow$699 S$579Source:

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Challenge Day 9 of 100 – The Podcast Trick

You don’t have to build your list with your own content. You can build your list with other people’s content.In the previous homework, I went live on Facebook. See the result.Let’s hurry over to the next lesson, Day 9, The Podcast Trick.This is about using other people’s podcast to build your list.The idea is you don’t have to have your own content to build your list.So let’s begin.My notes:Go to Google search. Type “list building: podcast”. Or any content relevant to my avatar and target audience.Find a podcast or topic that matches my target audience.Side note: I got distracted. I found one podcast about list building using Facebook live. Coz I just learned Facebook live in the previous lesson.Build a landing page to advertise the podcast.Inside the landing page, capture email and redirect to the podcast.Follow up with emails from the Clickfunnels swipe sequence.You don’t have to use podcasts. You can use other content. But, How do I know if the content is what people want? Content …


Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Xiaomi’s first ‘slider’ phone, the Mi Mix 3, starts rolling out globally.
The Mi Mix 3 sports a 6.39-inch, 2340 x 1080-pixel display, with a dual 12MP rear camera lenses and up to 8GB RAM/256GB of storage. post Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 appeared first on Adrian Video Image.

Samsung Galaxy Sport Smartwatch

The new Samsung Galaxy Sport smartwatch will be launched at the same 20 February 2019 event as the new Galaxy S10smartphones. post Samsung Galaxy Sport Smartwatch appeared first on Adrian Video Image.

Rumour: iPhone 11 with triple-camera System

The high-end 2019 iPhone, presumably the largest of the three, is also rumored to include a triple-camera system at the rear, in an effort that’s clearly designed to compete with the latest crop of Android handsets that includemultiple cameras. post Rumour: iPhone 11 with triple-camera System appeared first on Adrian Video Image.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Challenge Day 8 of 100 – FB Live Traffic

We all have a camera in our smartphones. And yet they are not fully utilized by business owners. This is the secret to promote your business using FB Live.But first, let’s look at the result of the FB Ad created with Day 6 FB Audience Targeting instructions.S$28 spent. S$1.04 CPC. 0.96% CTR. Big Fat ZERO click on my landing page!That’s for 3 days from 8 Jan to 10 Jan 2018.I stopped the ad from running.Now let’s get on with DAY 8’s training.Today’s training is “How to get hot market results with cold traffic on Facebook.”.It’s actually about getting traffic doing FB live.The outline:Step One – Do a Facebook Live on your Facebook Page.
Step Two – Add a Call to Action and set it up as an ad.
Step Three – Run traffic to your FB live and optimize for traffic or video views.My notes:Download FB Page app on the smartphone.Use the FB page app to do a live cast.FB ads will cost less for FB live post (Not true).Follow this guy’s page, Anthony DiClementi, coz he is doing FB Live right.Include a …

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 Release DateDate: 20 February 2019, Wednesday
Time: 11 am PST (3 am Singapore Time on 21 Feb 2019)
Venue: Galaxy Unpacked at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San FranciscoWatch the live stream here…The post Samsung Galaxy S10 appeared first on Adrian Video Image.

Kick off your 2019 video with eye-catching visuals to stop your viewers in their tracks. I have been asked regularly “Adrian, show us how to create those animated intros we see in many YouTube videos.” I have no EASY answer until now ► #aftereffects #training #video #youtube #animation #videomarketing #reviews #howto #tip #videoproduction #livestreaming #videography #videoediting

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp 7 of 100-Day Challenge Review

Thanks to Clickfunnels, I can now put my products and services on FB Ads.Look at Day 6 to see the step-by-step process that I have learned about putting an ad together.I will show you the results in a moment.In the meantime, let’s do Day 7!Day 7 training is about FB ads again, this time an over the shoulder demo.Most of the steps are repeated except for the data being keyed in.Think of three layers. Job title. People. Software.Demographics – work – job title. Type in “owner”. Then choose the suggestions. Business owner, owner-operator, store owners, Chairman, CEOs, and founders, Especially the Job title that small business owners give themselves. They are also the decision-makers. Avoid the large corporation owners and CEOs. Choose about 10 to 20.People. Enter one name and look at the suggestions. For example, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher, Eben Pagan, Jeff Walker, Mike Filsaime, Armand Morin, Andy Jenkins, Etcetera. Choose about 10 to 20 internet marketing people. Exclude Rus…

From a recent captioning (aka subtitling) gig I did for a client, this comprehensive documentation will help you add subtitles to your own videos online. Uploading the video and the script - Upload your video to your YouTube account in Private mode. (I use the private mode because I'm doing it for a client. If it's my own video I will switch to the public mode.) [ 664 more words ] #YouTube #subtitle #videomarketing

2.4km #run in 18 minutes

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review – Day 6 of 100

Facebook rejected my ad for Clickfunnels on Day 5!It says “This ad can’t promote deceptive, misleading, unclear, vague or inaccurate employment opportunities.”Also, “This ad isn’t running because it doesn’t follow our Advertising Policies. We don’t allow ads that promote unclear, misleading, “work from home”, MLM, get rich quick or deceptive employment opportunities.”I have to change something, but in the interest of time, let’s move on to Day 6.Today’s training is on audience targeting.Let’s do it.Go to Audience Insights.
Choose Everyone on Facebook.
Under Interests, enter ‘russell brunson”.
Notice the demographics interested in Russell Brunson.

Go to the Page Likes tab and look for other Public Figures in the same interest.
Add in some other public figures or products (if available).
Add interests, like Business > Online > Digital Marketing.
Refine language to English.
Remove Digital Marketing and use Online Advertising instead, because we get…

When I am not making my own videos I am making other people’s videos. Which do you prefer? #YouTube #Subtitles #VideoProduction

Happy New Gear 2019 | Next IT Exhibition in SG

When is the Next IT Fair in Singapore?IT SHOW 2019 (7 to 10 March 2019, SUNTEC) | PC SHOW (June 2019) | COMEX (August 2019) | SITEX (November 2019)In the meantime, check out these online limited deals and promo…Happy New Gear 2019Nintendo Switch Console Super BundleS$498.00 S$369.00[Nintendo Switch] Super Smash Bros Ultimate Limited EditionS$99.00 S$71.90Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 High-resolution EditionS$309.00 S$219.00Nintendo Switch Pro ControllerS$109.00S$79.90Zhiyun Smooth 4 Smartphone GimbalS$208.00 S$149.00Xbox One 2 Controller 1TB BundleS$330.00S$279.00Xiaomi Products up to 50% off2019 Best Smartphones up to 30% offXiaomi Pocophone F1 6GB RAM / 64 GB ROM S$420.71 S$565.17Check out more IT promotion and deals here…Enjoy!Adrian Video Image
Next IT Exhibition in SGThe post Happy New Gear 2019 | Next IT Exhibition in SG appeared first on Adrian Video Image.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review – Day 5 of 100

“Today we start traffic!”That’s the exciting title of Day Five’s lesson.Yesterday, I learned how to hack (get) traffic fast.It’s an eye-opening valuable lesson, but not so practical for a Newbie.So I hope today I will learn something I can use at my beginner level.Let get started… here are my notes…The primary method here to get traffic onto my funnel is to pay for Facebook Ads.Understand the Facebook Ads Manager structure.Go to and click on Create Ad.Three levels of structure: Campaigns, Ad Set, Ad.Among the many Objective options under Campaigns Auction, we will focus on sending people to your website, increasing conversions on your website, and getting video views (that’s my thing!).Ad Set controls 3 things: Audience, Placements, and Budget & Schedule.Under Audience, choose location United States, age 18 to 65+, gender All, Choose Detailed Targeting: Interests > Business and Industry > EntrepreneurshipUnder Placements, choose mobile news …

Working on my YouTube subtitles. Can you see those dust on my screen? #YouTube #videoediting

I love sitting quietly here and watch planes take off. #airport #Changiairport #Singapore