Journal #180710

Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action. - Benjamin Disraeli

The Mi A2 is coming out and I haven't vlogged much about my Mi A1.


Something's holding me back. 

I have lot's of good things to say about my Mi A1.

Then why am I not blogging or vlogging about it. 

Probably it's because,

1. There is nothing to sell.

2. There is nothing valuable to share. 

3. Maybe wordpress is just too troublesome. 

Well I don't know. 

There is also the Gopro Hero5 Black and the Panasonoc FZ2500. 

Same thing happened.

However I did vlog a lot about the Smove Mobile and the Lenovo Yoga 520.

Smove Mobile Reviews

Lenovo Yoga 520 Reviews


The smartphone stabilizer is given to me by the manufacturer for the vlogs. So I have to make them. 

However no one gave me the Lenovo. I bought it.

Then why was I motivated?

The views. The first lenovo video garnered 1000s of views. That motivated me to make more. 

Here's the lesson... just make more vlogs. 

You never know which vlog will be the first to go viral.

Adrian Lee

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