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Daily Blog 4 of 30 | The VLOG about the B and H Catalog and DR HDMI

According to B and H, e-commerce does not exist just on the internet but also on paper.I am about to go online to purchase a new device when this catalog arrived in the mail.Here’s a personal secret… I love the woody smell of freshly printed paper magazine.It’s not just a catalog, but a magazine with lots of informative articles on Photography.Take a peek… recorded this vlog with my Xiaomi Mi A1 Android ONE phone. Edited with Final Cut Pro X.In the same video is a vlog about the online purchase that I made… DR HDMI: The order was placed yesterday. Immediately, DHL says it will arrive today.Subscribe to catch the arrival and review of the new DR HDMI.Adrian Lee |

Wednesday evening #run. Fast and short. #nikeplus #nikeplusrunning

Daily Blog 3 of 30 | Learning Videography in Singapore

This is the time when you should be vlogging on YouTube.After a successful trial run, the popular theme is back again.YouTube, Vlogging and Live Video Streaming | The Crash Course.I spoke less on theory and dispensed more practical homework.This time, I share my tricks and skills on:
1. How I got several thousand views on my YouTube vlogs.
2. How to put together a video story, with the right script, sound, and lighting.
3. The way to make memorable travel vlogs, tasty cooking videos, and profitable product reviews.The next session is on 7 and 8 June 2018. Check it out…YouTube, Vlogging and Live Video Streaming | Crash Course [in Singapore]Adrian Lee |

Monday evening run. It's been a while. #run #nikeplus #punggol #singapore #adrianlee

D Blog #1: PremierePro, Podcast, 90seconds

28 May 201810 amPremiere Pro problem.Export keep failing at the end of the render.Wasted hours yesterday.I have a delivery to make today.6 1-hour-long edited 3-cam seminar video.Installed Premiere Pro May 2018 update.Exporting again.Let’s see what happens.10.30 amI messed up Premiere Pro default workspace layout.I want back the original default editing layout.Reverting to saved layout does not help, coz saved layout is not the default.I will now have to tinker with a config file. is my messed up saved layout…I know I can customise it. I just want the original.I will delete the workspace config file after the export is done.12 noonPodcast is the next big thing.1 pmI just saw an ad about a platform where you can earn money from your videography and video editing skills. joined…To be continued… Follow me… Like and subscribe…Adrian

Next IT Fair in Singapore | CEE 2018

When is the Next IT Fair in Singapore?CEE 2018 | 24 to 27 May 2018 | 11 am to 9 pm | Suntec Singapore Levels 3 and 4 | Floor Plans | Show Price ListFloor Plan Level 4 Enjoy!Adrian Video Image
Next IT Exhibition in SG

How many cameras do you need to make your video wow? Over the weekend, this is my set up for a full day seminar shoot. The 1-man 3-cam system consists of: 1. The Slides Cam - As can be seen in the picture, this camera shoots the projection screen. It is fixed and hardly moved. Focus, exposure and white balance are all manually fixed. 2. The Mid Shot Cam - The middle camera is the main camera. It is fully controlled by me. Mostly midshots, there is a lot of panning and zooming to follow the presenters on stage. 3. The Wide Shot Cam - This cam covers the wide shot of the hall with the audience in the beginning. During presentations, I zoom this camera in to cover the stage, and sometimes the stage and the projector screen. These 3 shots will be edited and intercut each other into one video using Premiere Pro. Do I need an assistant to help me? Not for this setup and it depends on client budget. #videography #videoediting #videolane #adrianlee

Here's my equipment for tomorrow's 1-man 3-cam seminar video shoot. I will list out the items on my website. #videolane #adrianlee #videography #flatlay

Coming up next (in a few minutes)... The Equipment List for a 1-man 3-cam Seminar Videography. The bag is empty now. Stay tuned. #videography #videolane #adrianlee

Can you tell from the picture, which is the oldest hard disk drive? Tip: Never delete your raw video footage! A client of mine is celebrating their upcoming 10th anniversary and they asked if I still have the raw footage I shot for them annually since 10 years ago. #videography #videoediting #harddisk #archive #videolane #adrianlee

I had to revert to Final Cut Pro to remove background noise and enhance the quality of testimonial videos. Premiere Pro is lagging behind here. #videography #videoediting #finalcutpro #videolane #adrianlee

That monitor shows a live video from another room in the same building 100m away. That camera is transmitting live video from this operating theatre to that room. #videography with tons cables #videolane #adrianlee

Today I am Dr Videographer. Operation success! #videography #videolane #adrianlee

Inside this bag are 2 video cameras. In the boot is a ton of hdmi and Ethernet cables. I am in a taxi heading for the live video projection setup. #videography

Time lapsing the sunset with my GoPro at Sentosa. #sentosaisland #gopro #sunset #timelapse #videography #videolane #adrianlee

Cables cables cables! I don't just shoot video. I also distribute video. #videography #camera #hdmi #hdmicable #hdmiextender #hdmisplitter #beautifulmess #videolane #adrianlee

Today I use Final Cut Pro instead of Adobe Premiere Pro because FCP does a quicker job at audio noise removal, especially when I have over 50 short clips. Premiere Pro is still flawed with its Noise removal feature without using another software. #videography #videoediting #finalcutpro #premierepro #macbook #macbookpro #videolane #adrianlee

I just got myself some new devices to transmit HDMI video signals over long distances up to 100m. #videography #hdmi #ethernet #videolane #adrianlee

Friday evening run. 2km in 13min. #run #nikeplus

Our 4-camera live projection for a presidential gala event. #videography #videoediting #panasonic #canon5dmarkiii #blackmagicdesign #macbookpro #obs #videolane #adrianlee

The Multicam live switching was a success using the Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio HD. #videography #videoediting #blackmagicdesign #macbookpro #samsungmonitor #atem #hdmi #sdi #videolane #adrianlee

Beautiful Mess. These small gears stay at home while their bigger counterparts go out to work on a LABOUR DAY! #videography #videolane #adrianlee