Lenovo Yoga 520 Review Part 5 – Gaming on Fortnite


Watch me play the hottest battle royale game on the internet.

Ok, I am not a pro gamer. Please don’t laugh at what you see.

I am really just testing the raw power of my Lenovo Yoga 520.

It’s not a gaming laptop, but it has an NVIDIA GeForce 940MX.

The 2GB GPU makes the gameplay so smooth, I am surprised.

There is no lag, though the graphics quality isn’t set to its max.

That is enough to get me hooked on my exciting new pastime.

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Let me know your thoughts and whether you also play Fortnite.

Until the next exciting Lenovo Yoga 520 Review, see you soon.

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Watch the full review of my Lenovo Yoga 520 – 14IKB 80x800A2SB…

~ from the Journal of Adrian Lee | Singapore
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