How to be an Influencer Online

How be an influencer? Here's my own personal 10-point checklist as at 5 September 2017.

  1. Find your niche. Something you are interested in. Something which  you can share new new, fresh and extraordinary information. Become an expert in this niche. ANSWER: VIDEO MAKING
  2. Pick 4 social media channels. What type of content are you good at  creating. Video, writing, or audio. Answer: Facebook, YouTube, linked in, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Wechat.
  3. Create a content strategy. What content of value will make people eager to follow you?  Answer: video editing tips and camera accessory tips. 
  4. Prepare content three months in advance.
  5. Publish content daily and consistently.
  6. Contact people and brands in the same industry.  Like, comment, communicate with them. Be seen and noted.
  7. Invite people to your community. Find people from forums, groups, fan pages, etc. related to the same industry.
  8. Share your content everywhere. Promote yourself.
  9. Always provide value.
  10. Draw attention to your work first then to yourself.
  11. Warning! Never call yourself an influencer. Your audience will decide for themselves.

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