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It doesn't feel like Christmas in sunny Singapore, until you make this...

Christmas Ice-Cream Pudding


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8 slice raisin bread
5 tbsp strawberry jam
15 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 plate of mixed fruits and nuts
- 1 tbsp chopped nuts
- 1 tbsp glace cherries
- 1 tbsp dried apricots
- 1 tbsp blue berries
- 1 tbsp attap chee
- 1 tbsp raspberries
1 tbsp dessert wine or sweet liqueur
1 bottle chocolate syrup


Line a deep round bowl with food wrap.
Lay raisin bread slices over the food wrap in the bowl.
Spread strawberry jam over the brad slices.
Fill half the bowl with vanilla ice cream.
Add one layer of mixed fruits and nuts.
Cover the fruits and nuts with ice cream.
Add another layer of fruits and nuts.
Cover with ice cream to the top of the bowl.
Cover the top of the bowl with raisin bread slices.
Drip dessert wine or sweet liqueur into the sides of the bowl.
Wrap the top of the bowl tightly with food wrap.
Place in freezer for 4 hours.
Remove food wrap and pop the pudding out of the bowl.
Add chocolate syrup and food decoration.
Serve and shout Merry Christmas.

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Full Recipe on Adrian Video Image...
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