How to Blur a Face and Change a Voice in Premiere Elements

Use this technique of blurring the face and changing the voice to protect the identity of your on-screen subject.

Face Blurring

  • Right-click on video clip in timeline
  • Select Effects Mask > Apply
  • A new clip layer will appear on the upper track.  This is called the "Adjustment Layer".
  • A rectangle box with 4 circles at the corners will appear in the preview monitor.
  • Adjust the position and size of the rectangle to cover the face by moving the circles.
  • Go to Effects tab in the action bar and choose the Gaussian Blur.
  • Drag and drop Gaussian Blur effect onto video clip in timeline.
  • Inside Applied Effects, adjust amount of blurriness.
  • Make the blur mask follow a moving face by animating keyframes. (video coming soon)
Voice Changing
  • Use Pitch Shifter effect (Windows only)
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Adrian Lee

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