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How to Create an Online Course

Choosing the topicAsk readers: What do you want to know more about (blank)?Naming the courseName is not important.The hook is more important.Crafting the hookWhat will happen if reader take action."step-by-step systems", "how to" information, "Blueprint", "System", etc.A specific outcome that solves a specific problem.Stuff you already know and have your own results.Creating the courseBreak down process step by stepCreate slide modules with voiceCreate screen video recordingInterviews or interrogations with expertsAdd Bonus materials like resource guide, templates, etc.Uploading the courseUse Wordpress for more control vs UdemyTry - the courseExchange a free giveaway for emails.Email 3 more free valuable content.Then email the pitch to sell course.Drive traffic to the giveaway page. Source:

How to Blur a Face and Change a Voice in Premiere Elements

Use this technique of blurring the face and changing the voice to protect the identity of your on-screen subject.

Face Blurring

Right-click on video clip in timelineSelect Effects Mask > ApplyA new clip layer will appear on the upper track.  This is called the "Adjustment Layer".A rectangle box with 4 circles at the corners will appear in the preview monitor.Adjust the position and size of the rectangle to cover the face by moving the circles.Go to Effects tab in the action bar and choose the Gaussian Blur.Drag and drop Gaussian Blur effect onto video clip in timeline.Inside Applied Effects, adjust amount of blurriness. Advance Make the blur mask follow a moving face by animating keyframes. (video coming soon) Voice Changing Use Pitch Shifter effect (Windows only) If you like this tutorial, click like, leave a comment and subscribe.
Download the Ultimate Guide for Premiere Elements: + Tips, Tricks and More!
Adrian Lee

What is the Best Sony Camcorder to Buy 2015

Here's my compiled recommended cameras for shooting video in 2015.

The models are selected based on these 6 available features:

- Manual Exposure
- Manual Focus
- Manual White Balance
- Optical Zoom
- External Microphone Input Jack
- Head/Earphone Output Jack

(Other features I look for are: 20x optical zoom, Wifi Control, Wifi Video Transmission, 4K, Switchable 30/25 fps, large sensor for low noise, shallow DOF for bokeh)

One more thing...
This recommendation is for Business and Corporate users who want to shoot their own video in-house. If you want cameras for TV and Cinema, that will be another article.

As at April 2015, the best Sony camcorder models that fit my criteria are:

- FDR-AX1E 4K Camcorder with four times the image quality of Full HD. S$5,599. (More for professional videographers because of the size)

- FDR-AX100E: 4K Camcorder with 1 inch Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor.  S$2,699. (4K is the future-proof recording resolution)…

Enabling GPU CUDA on MacBook Pro Retina

First Things First

I bought the MacBook Pro Retina with GPU nVidia CUDA.
It's top of the range, so should be speedier for video editing.

The Problem

Speed is the same with or without GPU.
Switching to GPU caused more crashes.
After Effects cannot detect GPU for 3D raytracing

The Discovery

You have to enable CUDA in the MacBook Pro Retina.

Types of rendering engine

SoftwareOpen CLCUDA...and OpenGL (a different ballgame)
Mac uses OpenCL

Graphics card compatibility for Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, and Compressor 4

Software using CUDA

Adobe Premiere ProAdobe After EffectsAdobe Media Encoder

I am going to do these steps next and have it recorded on Hangouts On Air.

Do a Speed Test before enabl…

Webinar Marketing Tips and Tricks for Virtual Presenters

I learnt a great deal about webinar marketing from WebinarJamStudio.  Here are the nuggets I weaned from the experts.
Use Webinar for:Prospecting, Sales, Education, Conference.Pre-trainings, Quick Starts, Interviews, Strategy sessions.Content creation, Product Creation, Content delivery.Be a Master Virtual Presenter.The Recorded webinar video is as powerful.8 hours of content can be sold sold as a course.Accumulate in membership sites.A Webinar conference can 3 days long with 12 speakers.Can sell Video training at $500. With transcript and mp3.Repurpose the Replays. Always edit them.How to price you webinar?Attending live is free. Recorded video $97 plus $1000s bonuses.Create a win-win deal.Share customers with other speakers. All benefit. Build a list.Be a speaker in other conferences and build a list.After webinar conference, do a  1 1/2 webinar to new members.How to attract attendance to your webinar?On landing page. Write big bold claim, 5 benefits and a bio.Big bold claim is somet…

How to Overlay a Video Over a Video in Premiere Elements 13

6 Mobile-Friendly Website Online Test Tools

Google is changing its search listing on mobile devices.
Search listings on desktops and laptops are not affected.
More people are using mobile devices to search websites.

Is your website mobile-friendly enough for Google?

Do a test now with these five online tools: (no need to enter email)  (must sign up) What result did you get for your website? Share your findings.

Adrian Lee

DaVinci Resolve Lite 12 Limitations

BlackMagic Design released a new version of its video editing software with 80 new features.

It brings it closer to the likes of Adobe Premiere Pro and the looks of Apple Final Cut Pro.

Underneath the UI, it is actually an advanced colour correction system.

The full version costs $997 and there is a free version.

So what are the limitations of the free "Lite" version.

The DaVinci Resolve Lite does not include:
Real time noise reduction with window and grade qualification using CUDA and OpenCL GPUs.Real time concurrent left and right eye Stereoscopic 3D grading.Real time and interactive Stereoscopic 3D convergence adjustments.Unlimited noise reduction node position using CUDA and OpenGL GPUs.Automatic Stereoscopic 3D image alignment.Automatic Stereoscopic 3D color matching.Stereoscopic side-by-side, checkerboard and anaglyth difference display.Individual DaVinci Resolve control panel controls for all parameters.Noise Reduction and Motion Blur Effects. Stereoscopic 3D Gradi…

S6 Camera vs iPhone 6 Camera

S6 Camera vs iPhone 6 Camera

Stronger vs natural coloursBrighter vs darker low light photosFaster vs slower focus locking4k vs 1080 video recording resolutionSimilar great contrast and sharp qualityDeep customisation vs Ease of use16 MP vs 8 MP sensor chipContrasty vs bright skin toneClearer vs fuzzier croppingDetailed vs less detailed HDRf/1.9 (30% more light) vs f/2.2 apertureDetailed vs overexposed patches flash photographyOverexposed vs tone mapped under very bright sunlightGood contrast vs faded backlit subject

Verdict: Samsung Galaxy S6 wins Apple iPhone 6

Sources:,review-2704.html Test Setups: Stationary subjects Moving subjectsColou…

Is SEO Business Profitable?

I want to branch into Video SEO business, but is it more profitable than my current Videography service?

Here's what I found...

Neil Patel built an SEO agency and made millions from it.  - 2013Stumbled upon the business after giving his college speech on SEO, where he got his first client.The main ways to get new clients is through (1) speaking at conferences, (2) blogging,  (3) helping out bloggers and (4) referrals. BLOG posts with more technical content and data get MORE LEADS.SPEAK at non-SEO/marketing conferences that charge at least $1000 per ticket.Talk about tactics people can use. Show example of companies using the tactics. Wrap up with data that shows your methods were successful.GIVE free SEO for bloggers and companies, in exchange for a link back to your site "SEO by...".SEO Clients rarely stick with you for more than 3 years. (My videography clients stuck with me for more than 7 years and still sticking!)Keep in touch with clients monthly (Like all other bus…