GoPro Hero4 BLACK for the Professional Videographer

The new GoPro action camera, released in October 2014, comes in three models.

The trio are the GoPro Hero4 Black, the GoPro Hero4 Silver and the GoPro Hero.

Top of the range, is the GoPro Hero4 Black, which is the focus of this post.

What are the selling features that attracted me?
  • Shoots 4K video at 30 frames per second - professional videographers love this
  • Shoots 1080p HD at 120 frames per second - for perfect slow motions
  • Snaps 12MP still photos
  • Manual ISO adjustment
  • Night Photo and Night Lapse Mode - for crisp dark scenes
What features did not meet my expectation?
  • No touch screen like the Silver version
  • 4K video occupies 16GB in just 30 minutes
  • Battery lasts only 1 hour plus shooting 4K
Will I invest in the GoPro Hero4 Black?

At S$700 (US$500) for a small and light camera, I will go for it. I intend to travel with it shooting time lapse day and night stock footage in 4K 30fps. I may also use it as a b-roll cam for seminar shoots.

Adrian Lee
Independent Videographer | Videography Trainer
Making Video for Business

PS: Please note this is not a regular camera which you can zoom in and out. The lens is always wide… very wide at 170 degrees.

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