AdrianLee One-man Multi-cam Videography

Why shoot with more than one camera?

Originally, I use a second video camera as a backup.
Things happen, and the backup footage saved the day many times.
Then I realised the final result looked great…  like a higher budget production with multiple camera crew.
The extra footage was also used to cover up all that panning and zooming between the lecturer and the slides.
From then on, I used the second cam footage even when nothing happened to the main one.
Clients win, as they get a multi-crew production standard for the price of one.

How can one man handle multiple cameras?

The basic setup uses two cameras.
The main cam is bigger and more professional. One that is always with me. I am controlling it throughout the shoot.
The main cam is mostly following the lecturer at mid shot.
The second cam is smaller and lighter. Even the tripod accompanying it is smaller and lighter.
The second cam is mostly wide shot of the stage with the lecturer and projection screen in sight. It is unmanned and adjusted occasionally.
Beyond the second cam are more small cams, usually framing the projection screen alone or the wide shot of the audience.

Must I use the same brand for consistency?

It is best to use the same brand same model for color and quality consistency between the two cameras.
However, for years, I have been using Panasonic AG-HMC151 as the main cam and Sony HXR-MC50 as the second cam.
They work… as long as I do the following procedure.

Adrian Lee
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