15 Points About Windows 10 Technical Preview

  1. 30 September 2014, Tuesday, Microsoft revealed Windows 10 in San Francisco
  2. Why is it not called Windows 9? To show how big the changes are.
  3. Works on all hardware from PCs to tablets to smartphones to embedded products
  4. Aimed at business users.  Consumer features will be discussed later.
  5. Tries to combine the familiarity of Windows 7 with the colourful interface of Windows 8.
  6. No more toggling apps between desktop mode and tile mode. 
  7. Not just for touch screens anymore, but also for mice and keyboards.
  8. Not giving up on touch.  The Charms are still available but with experiential change.
  9. You can create multiple virtual desktops like what Mac OS X can do.
  10. A “continuum” UI feature for two-in-one PCs to switch between tablet and laptop modes.
  11. Snaps four apps on one screen, like Windows 7 can snap two.
  12. Developers will get ONE application platform to write apps for the entire product family.
  13. Release date will be around middle of 2015 after Microsoft Build conference.
  14. Until then, this is not the final version while feedback is gathered from Windows Insiders.
  15. Price not revealed yet.  Or should it be free?
Should we pay for Windows 10 after twos years of inconvenience with Windows 8?  Leave your comment.

Adrian Lee


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