How to Replace a Classical Guitar Lower E String

How to replace a guitar string.
  1. One end of the string is loose.
  2. The other end of the string is tight.
  3. Tie the tight end at the bottom.
    1. Insert through the hole in the bridge.
    2. Give about 3 inches of slack.
    3. Make 3 ties nice and tight.
  4. Tie the loose end at top.
    1. Insert through the hole in the tuning peg.  
    2. Give about 2.5 inches of slack.
    3. Make a tight loop instead of tying.
  5. Wind up and tighten it.
I have an old basic starter guitar from Yamaha made in the 70s. Haven't used it for years. It needs cleaning and the lower E string is broken.
  1. Clean up the frets.
  2. Add bore oil on the frets.
  3. Clean the face of the guitar.
  4. Get a new set of strings.
  5. Use light oil to smoother tuning pegs.
Guitar parts.
  1. Saddle.
    1. Positioned on the face.
    2. Higher side and lower side.
    3. Higher side for the thicker strings.
  2. Bridge.
  3. Neck.
  4. Tuning peg.
  5. Headstock.
Video coming soon...
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