Videography Notes Today: Exposure Triangle, Speed Edit, Cine-style Lens, YouTube Ad and Top Questions

  1. Ten Technical Specialists acquired video production skills after my 2-day Videography Course yesterday.  Here are notable takeaways for me...
    1. The top 3 questions about video shooting are about angles, lighting and sound.
    2. The top 3 questions about video editing are about freeze frame, green screen and colour correction.
    3. The top 3 well-received off topics are about DAZ Studio, my current project's raw footage and the prospect of selling video footage online.
    4. More about the course here... 
  2. YouTube Advertising for getting traffic to your website
    1. Why? Very cheap, very new and very little competition.
    2. 2 Types of YouTube Ads
      1. In-display Ads
        1. Appears together with the list of regular videos
        2. Click on it and the viewer goes to your video
      2. In-stream Ads
        1. Appears before the regular video plays
        2. Click on it and the viewer goes to your website
    3. How to get started
      1. Figure out who you want to target
        1. Place your ad in videos and channels that your target viewer watches
      2. Create the video for your video ad
        1. Recommend length below 3 minutes
        2. You only pay  for a view if viewer watch 30 seconds or more.
        3. Get a free click before the the 30 seconds.
        4. Make your video about 40 seconds long.
        5. Grab attention in the first 5 seconds to avoid the skip button
        6. Have your call to action at about 18 to 20 seconds 
    4. Source: YouTube’s Most Overlooked Opportunity For 2014 by Gideon Shalwick -
  3. How to Edit broadcast-quality video fast in less than 48 hours.
    1. Take potentially uninspiring material and make it engaging – using structure, story, rhythm and pacing, sound and graphics to build up the moment.
    2. Get Organised. Come up with a way to work in a structural construct. Get a solid base of process.
    3. Source: » Saturday Night Live’s Editor Adam Epstein on His Cutting Room Secrets
  4. Don't use cine-style lens if you are shooting alone with a DSLR. 
    1. Use a regular still prime lens instead. 
    2. Why? cine-style lenses have wider barrels and you require a focus-puller assistant to turn that dial.
    3. Watch this video for more info...
  5. The DSLR Exposure Triangle...

Adrian Lee

Join me in the next 2-day Videography Course is on 24/25 September 2014... 
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