Videography Notes Today - BuzzFeed Video Formula, Rode VideoMic Pro, Sony Alpha A5100

  1. Filming Lancome’s New Product Pre-launch: Event and Interviews.
    • What I filmed: Participants queuing, staff preparing, interview participants, store opening, participants rushing in, staff cheering, focus on top 3 winners, customers testing and buying products.
    • What I used: Panasonic HMC151 camcorder, Sennheiser G2 wireless microphone, LEDGO dual LED video light, earphones and other accessories.
  2. How to Make Shareable Video Content like Buzzfeed Video. The formula.
    1. 3 Pillars of Shareable Content 
      1. Emotional Gift
        1. Happy/Sad
        2. Inspirational
        3. Stress Relief
        4. Awkward
        5. “If they feel it, they will share it.”
      2. Information
        1. Humble bragging
        2. Facts about what your friends like
        3. Facts about what you like
        4. Proving an argument
        5. “Can you present information in a new, interesting way?”
      3. Identity
        1. Location
        2. Gender
        3. Sexuality
        4. Occupation
        5. “People want to be identified as something.”
    2. Source: REEL Video Summit 2014
    2. Shotgun style of microphone.
    3. Directional - focus on what you point at and exclude as much from the side as possible.
    4. Shock mount integrated to isolate the mic physically from the camera to prevent handling noise.
    5. Tip: Turn camera audio gain down and turn mic gain up to reduce hiss generated by the camera
    6. High-pass filter built in to cut frequencies below 80 hz, reducing sounds like aircon hum.
    7. Settings available: -10db, 0db and +20db.  Use it to raise or lower the loudness.
    8. Runs on 9V battery and lasts 70 hours. 
    9. Need XLR adapter for pro video cameras.
      1. Campro Stereo 3.5mm Mini Female to Male XLR Audio Adaptor
    10. vs Rode VideoMic Go...
      1. No Battery required
      2. Shock mount included
      3. Does not sound as good as Rode VideoMic Pro
    11. vs Rode Stereo VideoMic...
      1. Capture atmospheric sound
      2. Almost like using onboard camera mic
    12. Reviews
      1. Rode VideoMic Pro Compact Shotgun Mic - test… 
      2. Rode VideoMic Go Vs VideoMic Pro… 
      3. Rode Stereo Videomic vs Videomic Pro… 
  4. Sneak Peak at the book I am writing now... Step-by-step Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro CC: The Foundation by Adrian Lee...
  5. News: A few days ago, Sony launched the tiniest interchangeable-lens camera.
    1. Records high-definition 1080p videos on the XAVC S2 and AVCHD codecs at a data rate of 50Mbps with advanced compression. 
    2. With the camera's super-fast autofocus system, this makes the a5100 one of the best mirrorless video recorders.
    3. The XAVC S2 codec allows for faster video-sharing over the camera's built-in Wi-Fi.
    4. THE UGLY SIDE: No microphone jack!  You need to get an external audio recording device to record better sound from your subject.

Adrian Lee 
One-man Crew Videographer | Video Editor | Videography Trainer

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