Premiere Pro H264 Export Blinking Issue on MacBook Pro

Adobe has updated Premiere Pro CC to Premiere Pro CC 2014.
I have uninstalled Premiere Pro CC to reduce clutter of apps.
Now, I face a new challenge.
Intermittent random blinks or flicker occur on H264 MP4 exports.
The annoying split-second blinks occur at different places on repeat export.
Freeze framing the blink, you see a darkened image or a green blank screen.

29 August 2014 Update: The temporary solution... Turn off GPU.
  1. Go to Files > Project Settings > General...
  2. Select Renderer: Mercury Playback Engine Software Only.

I attempted to identify the cause:

  1. . Original mts video blinking? No. The original files were great.
  2. . Wrong sequence settings? No. Other sequence settings also have the same problem.
  3. . Effects filter?  No. Removed all effects and exported the naked mts file still produces the blink problem.
  4. . h264…
  5. . How is Youtube 1080p? Ok.  But clients wants it rendered in 720p for some hardware reason?
  6. . youtube 720p…
  7. . YouTube HD 720p 25 default - blink
  8. . Tweak Adrian YouTube HD 720p 25 profile main 4.1? blink.
  9. . Tweak Adrian YouTube HD 720p 25 profile high 4.0? blink.
  10. . Reset MacBook Pro? blink.
  11. . Try other export format, eg MPEG2? blink.
  12. . Turn off GPU? blink.
  13. . Use HP PC laptop? Ok. 
  14. . Check forums? Happens to Premiere Pro users on Mac only. 
  15. . Updated OS X to 10.9.4? Blink.
  16. . Uninstall and reinstall premiere pro cc 2014 and media encoder? blink.
  17. . Back to Sequence setting, set at 720p? blink.
  18. . Export as h264 hd 720p (not Youtube)? blink
  19. . Export as h264 vimeo 720p? blink.
  20. . Export as quicktime mov h264 720p? blink.
  21. . De-interlace mts? blink.
  22. , Sequence setting again, set to AVCHD? blink.
  23. , Sequence setting one more time, set to clip property? blink.

Give up!
Apple and Adobe are not friends.
I, the video editor, is the victim.
Wasted 1 full day sorting this out.

Lesson learned:
When in Rome, do what the Romans do.
When using Apple, use what Apple makes.
Otherwise use PC for non-apple apps.

Back to my old faithful HP laptop to complete my backlog of work, until Apple and Adobe become friends.

Do you have similar issues? Please share.


UPDATE: 17 July 2014 - I am back using my HP windows PC laptop with Sony Vegas Pro.  Flawless! Fast!

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