How to Enhance Natural Sunset Flare with Instagram

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Passed by National Museum of Singapore just before sunset.

Snapped it from the upper deck of double decker bus 147.

Used my iPhone 4 camera with HDR on while the bus was moving.



- Pressed the sun symbol in camera view mode to turn lux on.

- Selected Kelvin filter to increase the reds, hence the flare.

This is the image before going into Instagram, also enhanced.


Photoshop Express

- Pressed the magic wand automatic adjust to brighten darker areas.

The darker areas are caused by the bright sunset in the background.

Even HDR cannot help to even out the dynamic range.

I deleted the original picture because the building was all black.

This is the HDR version direct from the iPhone 4 camera.


The rectangle structure on the top left was the prop for the Singapore Night Festival magic show.

Do you like it?


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