Cost of Dental Checkup and Cleaning at Polyclinic

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It’s been 17 years since I last visited a dentist during my Navy days.

Thanks to Stella, I was finally forced to check the condition of my teeth.

An appointment was arranged at the Queenstown Polyclinic.

Good news is, according to the young dentist, my teeth are healthy.

Bad news is, according to myself, teeth cleaning is like torture.

1. I choked and coughed violently when water ran down my throat.

2. I held back the vomit-inducing feeling when the instruments went deep.

3. The dentist kept telling me to open wider when actually I was tensing my tongue to prevent more water from flowing down my throat.

After the whole saga, I realized tears streaked down from the side of my eyes.

So anyway, the cleaning (or they call it scaling and polishing) was to remove tiny hard particles built up over time.

Dental Scaling: The process of deep cleaning the teeth to remove plaque and minerals built up over time.

Close up of my teeth after cleaning (FYI cleaning did not include whitening)…


Original head shot of me with iPhone 4…


Blemishes removed with Photo Wonder…


Sparkles added with Pixlromatic….


The total cost of dental examination, scaling and polishing (meaning checkup and cleaning) at the Polyclinic was S$39.

It was all worthwhile.

How’s your dental experience?

Adrian Lee

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