Traveling Videographer Tip #1: Travel in Style

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So, I managed to squeeze the whole lot of green screen studio into a mid-sized luggage.

Inside, you will find:
1. 2 sheets of 5 x1 meter green fabric.
2. Sticky tapes to hold the sheets to the wall.
3. 2 sets of studio lights with stands.
4. 1 spare lamp.
5. 1 extension power cord for the lights.
6. 1 wall power socket adapter.
7. 1 LED light as back light.
8. 12 spare AA batteries for the LED light and Sennheiser wireless microphone.
9. 1 pair of Sennheiser wireless microphones.
10. 1 Panasonic AG-HMC151 professional camcorder.
11. 1 Spare battery for the camcorder.
12. 2 pairs of earphones.
13. 1 brolly.
14. 1 disposable raincoat.
15. 1 Joby gorilla pod.
16. 1 Velbon tripod.

You can pack these in hard cases or stack them on a trolley and let hotel security chase you to the loading bay.


Pack them in a luggage and have every hotel staff rushing toward you to offer their help.

So I arrived at Hyatt Hotel to meet the client.

And you know what?

The room given to us was so well decorated that there was no need to use the green screen. There was everything we needed to shoot a great video.

So, after all that squeezing stuff into the luggage, the mobile green screen studio was never activated.

But it’s ok… I traveled in style.

Adrian Lee

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