Password Protect a Directory in a Hostgator Website

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I found another way to deliver huge video files over the Internet privately and in high definition… using my Hostgator website.

I needed to send the raw video footage of last weekend’s shoot to the client quickly.

I wanted to send the video in high definition without compressing to smaller file size. I wanted to maintain privacy without going though a third party service. I wanted speed.

So I decided to use my Hostgator website to deliver the goods.

Why Hostgator website? I have other web hosting providers, but they restrict uploading speeds. Uploading videos to Hostgator website is as fast as uploading to YouTube. Uploading files to other web hosts, like Bluehost, Godaddy and Yahoo Business Web, are as slow as Vimeo.


- Login into your Hosgator cPanel and click on the Subdomain icon, found under Domains.

- Create a Subdomain. If you are running WordPress on the main domain, you must create a Subdomain, otherwise password protection will not work.

- Create a directory in the Subdomain. Use the same subdomain for other clients and projects by creating more directories.

- Go back into your cPanel and click on the Password Protect Directories icon, found under Security.

- Choose Document Root and select your Subdomain. Click Go button below.

- Click on the directory you created.

- Check the box for “Password protect this directory:” Click on Save button below.

- Click “Go Back”.

- Fill in a Username and Password at the bottom of the page, and click “Add/modify authorized user”.

- The directory is now protected by password.

- Upload video files to the directory with Filezilla, an FTP program. Uploading using an FTP program is faster and allows bigger file size instead of using the web host uploader.

Adrian Lee

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