Videography Course vs How to Make Video on Google Keyword Tool

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A quick research on Google Keyword Tool revealed the truth.

I must rephrase my Basic Videography Course sales page in order to get more hits.

Here is what I discovered…
(“Keyword” Global searhes – Singapore searches)

. “videography course” 390 – 28

Only 28 searches in Singapore a month!
(some are my own to check that my page is searchable)
No wonder I am not getting enough enquiries.

Then I saw this right below “videography course”

. “photography course” 49,500 – 1,300

What a huge difference!
I will consider teaching photography instead.

For now, let me stick with my expertise.
Are people searching for “video editing course”?

. “video editing course” 1,900 – 58
. “video editing courses” 1,600 – 22
. “video editing services” 1,600 – 28

The numbers look good for global search but not for local search.
So maybe I should start a course for the world and forget teaching in Singapore.

What about “video production course”?

. “video production course” 480 – 16

Just as pathetic as “videography course”

Now try “how to make videos”.

. “how to make videos” 22,200 – 170
. “how to make video” 49,500 – 720

The data looks better now, especially for global.

Let’s go deeper.

. “how to edit videos” 18,100 – 170
. “how to edit video” 12,100 – 260

A little more promising.

Go even deeper.

. “how to edit videos on youtube” 1,000
. “how to use adobe premiere” 2,400
. “how to use sony vegas” 2,900
. “how to use windows movie maker” 6,600
. “how to edit videos on windows movie maker” 210

I left out Singapore searches because the figure is just too minute.
I am beginning to see where my market is. Not here but out there.

It looks like people are searching more for a product name rather than what they want to solve or learn.

Let’s see the data for product names.

. “adobe premiere” 1,830,000 – 6,600
. “adobe premiere pro” 550,000 – 2,900
. “adobe premiere pro cs6″ 90,500 – 480
. “adobe premiere elements” 201,000 – 720

. “sony vegas” 3,350,000 – 8,100
. “sony vegas pro” 1,220,000 – 2,900
. “sony vegas pro 11″ 450,000 – 1,000
. “sony vegas pro 12″ 49,500 – 170

. “final cut” 1,830,000 – 8,100
. “final cut pro” 1,220,000 – 6,600
. “final cut pro 7″ 110,000 – 590

BINGO! I think I found my market if what I am thinking is right.

I read somewhere that 300 searches means the market is viable for business.

I also searched for “how to record video”, “how to take video” and “how to shoot video”. They were not at all interesting, so I did not present the figures here.


Based only on these numbers, here’s what I can do better:
1. Create online courses for the world instead of teaching locally.
2. Focus the course on teaching using specific products like Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas and Final Cut.
3. Start by giving free lessons online.

Adrian Lee

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