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LinkedIn Events Shutdown - What is Happening to the LinkedIn Events Application

Adrian Video Image has posted a new item, 'LinkedIn Events Shutdown - What is Happening to the LinkedIn Events Application'

I spent ONE HOUR trying to get LinkedIn Events App to work, only to discover it was shut down yesterday, or rather today if we are talking US time.So that’s one channel down for announcing my upcoming 2-day Basic Videography Course – LIVE in Singapore December 2012 session.I wonder why they chose to shut events app when LinkedIn is all about business networking and networking is an event.I guess it’s all about the money. Do you know of any effective free event announcement site? Let me know in the comment box.Adrian Lee

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What Is 4G Mobile Broadband

Adrian Video Image has posted a new item, 'What Is 4G Mobile Broadband'

Should I install fibre broadband in the office?Maybe not because I work outside the office most of the time and I work alone. So the next question is… Has mobile Internet caught up with its speed?I need the high speed for online video delivery to clients. That led me to discover 4G and what 4G is all about. What is 4G?In telecommunications, 4G is the fourth generation of mobile phone communications standards. It is a successor of the third generation (3G) standards. What is the advantage of 4G?One main advantage of 4G is the speed of internet access which is higher than 3G (excluding broadband and Wi-Fi connections). What is the speed of 4G?Theoretically 100 megabits per second to 1 gigabits per second. What is 4G LTE?LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. 4G LTE is not the full 4G. It is actually a pre-4G standard. The main difference being slower than full 4G. What is the speed of 4G LTE?Theoretically, do…