14 Days to My Talk at Marina Bay Sands

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Adrian Lee Speaker Profile - Houses of Worship Technologies Asia Seminar

Spent a sleepless night preparing presentation slides for my talk at the “Houses of Worship Technologies Asia Seminar” on 4 October 2012 at Marina Bay Sands.

Feeling all excited about giving a speech with other AV experts in a renowned venue.

I hope to make this talk entertaining on top of being educational.

Here’s a topic synopsis…

Oriented for new Videographers shooting their first event in a seminar, a performance or a celebration. Discover Videography techniques used by professional Videographers. The topic covers video camera button basics, shot composition, camera moves, and how to shoot for easier editing. Learn how to avoid common mistakes made by most beginners.

  • You are THE Videographer, Not a Camera Operator
  • 2 Questions to Ask Before Making an Effective Video
  • Equipment Checklist for the Event Videographer
  • 5 Must-have Features in the Right Video Camera
  • The 6 Core Camcorder Skills to Shoot Like a Pro

Adrian Lee

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