Bangkok Airport to Pattaya Drive Time

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I’ve been to Bangkok Thailand 15 years ago… Also on a business trip during my Panasonic days.

The flight from Singapore Changi Airport to Bangkok Airport took about 2 hours… Guess what? I’ve got my favorite seat at the window without choosing (had to pay Jetstar extra to choose a seat otherwise the airline assigns at random).

My first view of thailand from the sky? Neat patterns of rectangles and squares with different shades of green… Farms I guess.

As the plane descended, I could see typical Thai roof architectures.

Arrived at Bangkok airport 12.30 pm local time.


This tall shelter structure outside with cement pillars was my first impression of Bangkok airport… Quite different from what I see on the web. (The actual name of the airport is Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport)


Exit gate 3 is the common meeting point. People gather in front of CCTV screens to watch their friends arrive inside the immigration area.

Many people were holding up papers with names written largely. I am supposed to find mine.

After 20 minutes, I could not find anyone holding up my name, so I called the Thai organizer who then informed me to wait another hour for an Indonesian flight to arrive.

So I was at Gate 3 for 2 hours, afraid to go anywhere else in case I miss the pick up van.

The Indonesians (participants of the same conference I will be shooting) arrived and we left in a van specially arranged to drive us to Pattaya.

The drive time from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya was around one hour on the highway. (Never got to see Bangkok city)

Adrian Lee

In the plane, before I switched my iPhone to flight mode, I quickly installed a free app to learn how to “Speak Thai” onboard the 2-hour flight.


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