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I am not the type who reads operating manuals. I discover things for myself! Like just now… I never knew the iPhone built-in Camera Roll app can edit photos! All this while I am downloading third party apps to do the same thing.

I guess this feature appeared after I upgraded my iPhone to iOS5. When viewing photos in Camera Roll app, there is an “edit” button on the top right hand corner. Click on it to activate the edit function.

There are only four functions that I can see at the bottom of the screen.

1. Rotate: Click this and your photo rotates 90 degrees. I have been using other apps to flip my photos. Now this is really convenient.

2. Auto-enhance: Adjusts your picture automatically for better exposure and colour. Very subtle I should say. I prefer other apps for this one.

3. Red Eye Remover: Never needed this function. So far no red eye problem with Asians. Maybe I will try it in future.

4. Crop: Ok, this is just too usefull. No need Express Photoshop app anymore. I can crop my pics right inside Camera Roll quickly.

So that is the 4 photo edit features in the built-in iPhone Camera Roll app. In my opinion, these are too basic. I will continue to download and try third party photo editing apps as they come along.

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