Instant Noodle Review: Myojo Lor Mee

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Before I start my overtime (printing notes for tomorrow’s videography class) in the office, let me arrest my hunger with a bowl of instant noodles, Myojo Lor Mee.

It felt strange when the first scoop touched my lips… A slimy feeling.

So I stirred a little more… But the sliminess seem to get thicker.

All my instant noodles have been soupy except for this one.

Then suddenly… I remembered!

This is LOR MEE!

A real dish of Lor Mee comes with thick sticky brown gravy (one of my favorite dishes).

Once I realized that, I began to love my instant Lor Mee minus the vinegar and garlic paste.

It has bits of cabbage, carrot and crabstick. (3 C’s)

That should last me for the night.

Adrian Lee

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