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Changi Ferry Terminal to Pulau Ubin

The trip to Pulau Ubin starts at Changi Ferry Terminal. It costs S$2.50 per person. You can charter the whole boat if you pay the price of 12 pax.

Sailing to Pulau Ubin

The boatman collects your money onboard when he stops the boat in the middle of nowhere. The ride is about 10 short minutes.

Sleeping Dog

Pulau Ubin is a rural island off the north-east coast of Singapore. Rural wild dogs snooze peacefully anywhere.

Bicycle rental in Pulau Ubin

Bicycle rental price is S$12 per day. A 2-seater is S$15 per day. A day is up to 6pm.

Off we go

Off we go! The heavier one sits in front to maintain balance.

Rugged 2-seater bike

This rugged vehicle brings you over rocky terrain...

Tall tree

...introduces you to wild life...

sea house

...and shows you habitats of island people.

The lake

Sometimes we pause to admire the scenery.

Pulau Ubin Map

Sometimes we pause to find our way.

No bicycles beyond this point

Sometimes we pause because the sign says "NO BICYCLES BEYOND THIS POINT".

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