Testing Almost DSLR iPhone App Inside My Car

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Almost DSLR is an iPhone app that takes a picture almost like a DSLR camera.  “Almost” because the similarity lies only in the manual control of focus, exposure and white balance individually.

The pictures you see in this post are all taken inside my car with the iPhone 4.  With camera quality setting at 720p, they are the same size as HD720 videos, 1280×720. (You can get full HD, 1920×1080, with the iPhone 4S)

This is what professional photographers do, manually control the focus and exposure individually.

Tap the screen once on the subject to focus.  Move your finger around to change the focus point.

Tap the screen twice to change the exposure. Move your finger around to brighten or darken the picture.

The photo quality can be set higher (2592×1936), but that would mean you cannot shoot video without having to go back into the camera settings menu to switch back to video mode.

Two things that will make it better are:

  1. Ability to take pictures while shooting video.
  2. HDR function when shooting photos.

I will be testing “Almost DSLR” video recording quality next.


Adrian Lee

almost DSLR – Rainbow Silo
almost DSLR - Rainbow Silo

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