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The Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard is a thin book containing “familiar” yet “new” concepts about making a living by teaching what you are good at doing.

I have the hardcopy in my hand (see picture).

You can also get it from Amazon…

The Millionaire Messenger: Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice

I say the content is “familiar” because I am seasoned to marketing on the Internet and selling information products online. Things like creating products, finding a niche and marketing it.

It is also “new” because Brendon managed to repackage the familiar ideas into a sequence that makes sense, especially the part about selling beyond the Internet.

Two things I can take action immediately is to build my reputation as an expert in my field and to make money by teaching my expertise.

I am trying hard not to sound too hypey, but the takeaway is simple.

We are all good at doing something. The question is will there be enough people wanting to learn that thing.

You can also become an expert of something you have never done before by interviewing people that have done it.

How to make money as an expert? Many ways. Write an ebook, do webinars, speak at seminars and more.

Two things I do not like about the book…

There are too many long-winded stories. Brendon is an advocate for telling stories that brand businesses. I like stories but I prefer them straight to the point.

The other thing is that the book is not a step by step guide where you can go into detail and do it yourself.

If it is a step by step guide, the book would be 50 times thicker. As it is now, the book is just about powerful actionable ideas.

So would I recommend it?

I would say this book is perfect for self-employed people like me who are growing old and desire to have more free time in our hands, especially if we are in the service business. Applying the ideas spelled out in the book will bring us to the next higher level.

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