Who Do You Call for Car Breakdown Service

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I always call AA, Automobile Association of Singapore, when my car break down in the middle of nowhere… And AA always arrive earlier than the promised one hour.

Had to reschedule an important meeting today because my grand old Kia Spectra just wouldn’t start in the carpark at home.

It’s not as old as you think… The mileage clocked is still very low compared with other cars of the same age of 7 to 8 years.

A cabin lamp was left on overnight, hence drained out the battery.

The battery was recharged and I was given a choice whether to change the battery to a new one. (this is like an annual affair)

Since the battery is already 15 months old, I decided to change it to new one which costs… S$175!

At least there is peace of mind for another year.

So who do you call when your car breaks down?

Adrian Lee

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