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How to Attract Money into Your Life Using Crystals for Wealth

Adrian Video Image has posted a new item, 'How to Attract Money into Your Life Using Crystals for Wealth'

Today’s social video is about 5 mystical crystals or gemstones that help attract wealth.

Natural crystals or gemstones are known to emit energies that can improve lives in all areas.

Craftily titled to attract traffic, we have…
“How to Attract Money into Your Life Using Crystals for Wealth”…

Over coffee at YaKun Cathay, I chatted with my friend Edwaard, founder of 123 Destiny, about video for marketing and crystals for wealth.  I am the expert of the first topic and he is the master of the other.

I am open to new ideas and always believed there is something about crystals that defy the laws of physics.

What I didn’t know was that there are crystals to help in different areas of your life, like business, career, relationship and happiness.

How does it work?  How do crystals enhance the energies around us?  How does it attract money?

Crystals are formed underground over millions of years and therefore trap energy that is waiting to be released.

Everything around us, including ourselves, in the basic form, are made of energy… atoms and molecules.

There are times when negative energies overcome us… that’s where crystals are used to balance the forces.

At least, that’s what I understood from the master.

Anyway, enjoy the video!  Leave a comment!  Share it!

Adrian Lee
Social Video for Traffic and Profit


123 Destiny  provides destiny and luck cycle analysis through the highly accurate Ancient Chinese Astrology system – BAZI (八字), which empower their clients to make better decisions in regards to their wealth, career, relationships, and health.

123 Destiny also provide recommendation and customization on the suitable Crystal Sets or Quality Gemstone Jewelry to help clients improve their energies and thus improve their lives in all areas.

how to attract money into your life with crystals for wealth

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