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The Wedding Lunch

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Attended a wedding banquet on Sunday afternoon… So I think it should be called a wedding lunch. I haven’t attended friends’ weddings for a long time… Like it’s been 2 years… Very few young friends I have… I know I am just a little over the age of young. I know the groom from a business networking group called the Rendezvous… the lady business owners from the group were gorgeously dressed for the night… I mean afternoon. The food’s great I should say, coming from a Hotel… Hilton Hotel. The best dish was prawn fritters, deep fried with cereal and spicy chilli. Wine? I had my fair share of lovely red wine… Perfect for the occasion. Here’s a 30-second video of my Sunday afternoon wedding lunch….
Adrian Lee

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Team Building Video - Motivating Employees for Better Performance

Adrian Video Image has posted a new item, 'Team Building Video - Motivating Employees for Better Performance'

Interviewed my friend, a corporate team building developer, Timothy Ooi of A valuable 2-minute expert tip for my vlog over iced lemon tea at the Wild Pot Cafe. In this tip, Timothy answers one pressing question on most bosses minds… “How to motivate employees for better performance?”. Enjoy!Adrian Lee

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Speed Up iPhone 4 YouTube Video Upload Time

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Did you know the iPhone 4 built-in video camera app can only shoot High Definition?If you are shooting videos for YouTube, and you have a slow internet connection, it may take a long time to upload due to huge file size. Though I always recommend high definition to make your video look more professional, there are times when you just want to get the message across quickly. There are 2 ways to shoot and upload iphone videos to YouTube quickly. 1. Use the iPhone YouTube uploaderIphone 4 YouTube uploader? There is no such app, but you can find this feature in Photos app. Your video is stored in the Camera Roll folder after recording. Access your video with the Photos app. Below the video is the export icon. Touch the export icon and you will see the Send to YouTube button. That will take you to the YouTube uploader. In the YouTube uploader, you can enter title, description and tags. Further …

iPhone 4 Time Lapse Video Recording

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Today I discovered one good news and one bad news about iPhone 4. The incident happened while filming time lapse effect on the road. Using the Breffo Spider Podium to hold my iPhone 4 steadily on the dashboard, I drove my kids around town, while testing a new time lapse recording iPhone app, Miniatures. “Miniatures” is a slick app for recording not only time lapse but also tilt-shift effect at the same time to visually transform reality into tiny toys. Under settings, you can vary the the time lapse shooting interval from 0.5 seconds to 1 minute. The traffic scene in the video I shot was set at 1 second interval. You can also vary the colour and blur intensity for the tilt-shift effect. Tilt shift effect will be more obvious when shooting at bird’s eye view instead of eye level. The paid version of “Miniatures” allow you to shoot in high definition and save videos. The updated version appears to be…

Testing a Mini Tripod Mount for the iPhone 4

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This video was shot last Friday and edited yesterday.The edit was done completely on the iPhone 4 with a cool app called Splice. The collapsible mini Tripod Mount belong to my Photographer friend, Willie Yeo, who is also a mobile gadget freak.He bought the device from a local store at Sim Lim Square and I cannot find it yet on the internet.I borrowed his new device together with his iPhone 4 to shoot this video with my iPhone 4 after our BNI meeting.The device itself is a stand-alone stand, yes “stand-alone stand”, with an adapter at the bottom to mount onto any standard tripod. In this video, we mounted it on a GorillaPod.The fast forward effect and sound effect come from Splice.Enjoy… and subscribe! title=" target="_blank"> Lee

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Presentation on YouTube Marketing to Small Business Owners

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Last Friday I spoke at the business network meeting of BNI Rendezvous Singapore.
BNI Rendezvous is a group of business owners who meet weekly to give referrals.
My 10-minute showcase captivated and entertained the audience right till the end.
Held in SMU Admin Building, I recorded my own voice with my iPhone 4… No video.
In this presentation, I gave 5 tips on how small business owners can get started getting onto YouTube quickly to promote their products and services without getting banned.
I have edited the audio recording together with the powerpoint slides so that you too can watch my presentation.

Adrian Lee

New! 1-day Internet Video Workshop – Singapore !

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