What is Replacing DVDs - Top Trends in 2011

What is Replacing DVDs - Top Trends in 2011

Do you shoot your own videos? If you do, how are you distributing them to your audience?

If you are still using DVDs to store your videos, there is one bad news and some good news.

The bad news… DVD is dying.

Look up Google Trends and you will notice the demand for DVD is seriously declining.

Read the annual report of a disc manufacturer and they will tell you they are losing money even in a rising economy.

Observe some of the latest laptops… They do not have DVD drives built in!

If DVD is disappearing, then what is replacing it as a medium for storage?

Did you say BluRay? Wrong answer.

The good news… There are 3 trends that are taking over DVDs as a storage and distribution platform for videos.

1. Flash Drive

Flash drives come in different forms, the most common being Thumb Drives and Memory Cards. An average flash drive the size of a finger nail can store over 32 GB of data. Compare that with the tiny 4 GB on a DVD! Transferring videos to a Flash drive is quick… No need to waste time authoring and burning! The only disadvantage of a Flash Drive is the price if you are going to distribute in huge quantity.

2. Hard Drive

The hard disk drive have been around since the early days of the computer. Unlike other recording media, the hard disk drive is getting bigger and better. Bigger in capacity and counting terabytes… That’s one thousand Gigabytes and more. Some get better in providing backup facility. While it is not suitable for mass distribution, the hard drive is a good and final resting place for videos. you can search and access your videos easily with a computer and most media devices.

3. Cloud Storage

This is the latest technology in digital storage and is establishing itself in the market very quickly. It is like your Gmail where your emails are stored online and can be accessed from any computer or mobile devices. Videos can also be stored online and accessed from anywhere. There are services on the web where you can store videos about 3 hours long and a choice to show it publicly or to distribute it privately.

A little bit of history… Do you remember LDs, VCDs or even the VHS tapes? They were video formats that cannot be played back today because no one is making the players anymore.

In conclusion, you may continue to distribute your videos on DVDs, but remember to keep a copy in your hard drive and backup regularly. Make life easier by distributing your video content using the Internet.

Adrian Lee

The above are trends I observed in the video industry. What do think? How do you prefer to distribute your video?
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