Online Video Marketing Using the iPhone 4

The experiment is officially over.

I have found the fastest and easiest method to produce a high quality online marketing video.

As a seasoned videographer myself, I'd like to admit that I hate the traditional time-sucking video editing process.

As a Videography trainer teaching small business owners how to get themselves onto YouTube, I see 3 major challenges they face...

. Handling the video camcorder.
. Wasting time on video editing.
. Connecting online to YouTube.

Many Internet marketing gurus out there recommend the flipcam and windows moviemaker for easy video production.

I can safely say that anyone can now produce high quality YouTube videos without any of the traditional video production tools... and by high quality I mean a steadily shot video... intentionally and completely edited with text, music and sound effects.

Here is all you need to carry around in your next web video production...
. An iPhone 4.
. The new iMovie app for iPhone.
. The built in YouTube uploader.

The iPad 2 will work too, but I can't shove that into my pocket. I am a hands free type of person. I'll get the iPad 2 for my wife... Her handbag is big enough.

This video is entirely shot, edited and uploaded with the iPhone 4.

I will continue to experiment and blog about making an even better quality iPhone video... So if you are interested in online video marketing the easiest the quickest way, subscribe to my YouTube video blog at

Adrian Lee
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