Systems Ready for Another 2-day Basic Videography Course

Tomorrow, a new batch of 7 participants will be attending the 2-day
Basic Videography Course.

The equipment and system are all set up and ready for an interactive
hands-on experience.

I will personally be conducting the lessons and imparting the skills
that made me a good living.

Day One will be mastering the art of handling the camcorder to capture
and tell a visual story.

Day Two is the art of editing a compelling video that conveys a
message with a call to action.

Two full days in VideoLane Studio with access to indoor and outdoor
environment for practice.

Why learn videography? Like computer literacy, video presentation is
an essential for the future.

Adrian Lee
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VideoLane Pte Ltd
1003 Bukit Merah Central #06-07, Singapore 159836. tel:67388313

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