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Proven YouTube Video Marketing Strategy That Works!

Start the New Year with a big bang!

Explode your business online using step-by-step proven YouTube Video Marketing Strategies that work!

Do you watch videos on YouTube? Do you have videos on YouTube?

Did you know that more people are watching YouTube instead of TV?

Do You Want to Create a Youtube Video to Promote Your Business?

Join me for an intense, comprehensive, entertaining and informational
presentation on 22 January 2010 at the SMU Administration Building.

- Learn the secret to using YouTube for free to promote your products and services.

- Discover how to make professional looking videos to brand yourself on Youtube.

- How to create a video without being in front of the camera and without speaking.

- How I used one of my Youtube video to boost referrals and leads by 3 to 5%.

- What is one Youtube Video Marketing strategy you can start immediately.

- And much, much more…

I will be sharing my secrets with a group of business professionals
at a breakfast meeting of the RENDEZVOUS BNI Chapter at:

Wild Pot Café
SMU Administration Building, 2nd Level
81 Victoria Street #03-02.
on Friday, 22 Jan 2010, 7.30am to 9am.
The entrance fee is $12/- which includes breakfast.

I cordially invite you to join me! See you there!

Adrian Lee

Bring along lots of business cards to network.
Bring along your friends and colleagues too!

About the speaker: Founder and Director of, Adrian Lee
is a Professional Videographer and a Videography Trainer. For over 10
years, Adrian has been making videos for Multi-national Companies and
government agencies...

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