Ear Candling at Daisy's Beauty Reformings...

...clean your ears.

Did you know that digging your ears for huge chunks of wax is not enough to clean them?

There are still plenty of undesirable stuff in your ears you cannot reach.

My wife was told by doctors that her recurrent mild headaches was partially caused by her blocked ears.

Getting doctors to clear your ears can be very expensive.

Fortunately, we know about ear candling at Daisy's Beauty Reformings.

Ear candling is a safe and painless way to clean your ears.

Daisy burns a special herbal coated roll of paper (look like kachang puteh) over an ear for about five minutes.

The little flame at the top of the roll of special paper make it look like a candle. The bottom end sticks into the ear orifice.

The burning process sucks out foreign particles from the ear, both big chunks and tiny specks.

The treatment is done one ear at a time.

Well, good for me, now I do not have to repeat my sentence every time I speak to my wife.

Adrian Lee

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