Sony Ericsson Xperia Rachael Leak - Android Phone with 8 Megapixel Cam

I was searching for some news on any new version of Sony Ericsson Xperia X-series when I chanced upon the "Xperia Rachael".

The Xperia Rachael may be the next phone I want to own.

Being a professional video maker, when it comes to getting my next PDA phone, good camera and good video display are 2 critical factors I look for.

First, the camera must be at least 8 Megapixel or better (12 mpx or more). The HTCs have a lot of catching up in camera specs. The iPhone is just not for me at 3 Megapixel.

Second, the phone display must be high resolution and widescreen (16:9). Why? To watch and enjoy videos on the move.

I have been using sony video equipment in my work, so I am sure Sony knows what is best to make a camera.

Here are some information from articles I found and I quote what excite me:

This is the first SonyEricsson (SE) Android handset, as in operating on Google Android. "Rachael" is the codename for this "leaked" news. I am also a Google product user, which makes this phone the perfect one for me.

If it also comes with a built-in video editing software, that not only trims video, but can add title and add audio, I will queue up early in the morning and be the first to buy it when it's launched.

Looking forward to exciting news!

Adrian Lee

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