HTC Magic (3G, Google Android Phone) Review

HTC Magic (3G Google Android Phone) Review

HTC G2 Magic Cell Phone Clear Soft PVC Screen Protective ShieldExperienced the new HTC Magic at Starhub's SMB Hub.

There was only one real unit on display.

I was the only visitor there at 7pm.

So I had plenty of time to test the 3G Google Andriod Phone.

First Impression

It's shiny white, it's light weight and the trackball feels good.

Touch Screen and Buttons

Only 6 buttons in front. Very useful navigation buttons though.

Used mostly the "Home", "Menu" and"Back" buttons to navigate.

The rest is "touch-screen".

The screen is responsive to my fingers sliding over the smooth surface.

Maybe a little too responsive, as I keep activating icons unintentionally.

The screen did not respond to my fingernails though.

That means I cannot draw fine pictures with a pen.

On-screen Keyboard

Need a little more practice on the screen keyboard.

Kept hitting the wrong letters and had to backspace many times.

Internet Browser

Uses its own internet browser, not Opera.

Takes at least 3 seconds to load any website.

No flash, as in cannot view flash content.

So my animated tag cloud did not work.

Easy to zoom in and out of a web page.

Can view thumbnails of multiple web pages and jump from one to another.


Surprisingly Youtube videos loaded quickly.

That was in lowrez mode anyway. Did not test in hirez.

The sound was satisfactorily loud. Loud enough for a tiny device.

Video Camera

Require an SD card to be inserted in order to do any video recording.

So I tested its low light sensitivity.

I LIKE its low light capability!

Pointed the lens at the dark area under the display shelf.

Brightness automatically increased. You can see what your own eyes cannot see.

Sadly, no camera flash for still photography.


Not too happy with the calendar.

Especially the month view.

Was hoping the month view would look more like the desktop version.

It is still limited to the mobile phone calendar look.


No price given yet till its launch in Singapore.

In the mean time interested buyers must make a pre-booking reservation.


I am an avid google user for almost everything: gmail, docs, blogspot, youtube, adsense, adwords, analytics, task, calendar, contacts, map, picasa, etc.

So the next best move for me is to get a Google Phone!

BUT WAIT! I am also a Windows Mobile user and I think the Windows Mobile Phones have way more functions than the Google Android phone and the i-Phone.

What do you think?

Adrian Lee

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