How to Use Windows Movie Maker - Tutorial for Vista!

A friend wanted me show him how to edit a simple yet decent video with a free software.

Did you know that all PCs with Windows Vista come with a free video editing software?

It's called Windows Movie Maker!

Vista even comes with a free DVD Maker!

You don't need to hire expensive videographers like me to edit your videos anymore.

I am about to show you how to edit videos yourself on your own PC EASILY!

Please take your time to watch this video made by "czh88".

AND PRACTISE hands-on... Pause the video on every step and do the step.


Not good enough? Here's another by "cccccarlossss"...

Ok ok, here is a full 30-minute tutorial by "diddyman4real"...

If you are still puzzled how to edit a video for free, ask me... leave your question in the comment box below... maybe I will create a better tutorial.

Adrian Lee
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