Eat What You Shoot. Shoot What You Eat.

What I love best about my job is the food.

Especially the food from a 5 or 6-star hotel.

Get paid to eat and drink. That's lifestyle!

This video is a snippet of a recent 1-week video shooting stint.

Tour with me along Singapore River on an electric-powered bumboat.

YES! the bumboats are now powered by battery. No smoke, no smell.

The boats cannot go as fast as before, the bumboat operator told me.

Anyway, it's a river cruise. Save the Earth!

My foreign friends got to sip Singapore Sling in Raffles Hotel.

Throw peanut shells all over the Long Bar without getting fined.

You haven't visited Singapore if you haven't seen the Merlion and the ERP.

Sentosa is a haven for peacocks, though I saw more of peahens and peachicks.

OK, not just get paid to eat, but also travel and tour.

I love my job. Hire me if you have places to go and events to remember.


Adrian Lee
The Videographer
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