Make 6 New Referrals With A 3-minute Talk

How My 3-minute Talk Made 6 New Referrals

Success: Soccer Art Poster Print, 28x22Caught off-guard, I was given 3 minutes to introduce myself and my company in front of 20 business owners. The result? Six hot referrals came rushing in. It feels like striking a triple-7 on a jackpot.

29 August 2008, I am inducted as a member of BNI-Rendezvous, a group made up of small business owners that give each other business referrals every week.

The funny thing is… 10 years ago, I was invited to join BNI by my Navy friend, Sim Chow Boon, who was also the founder of Singapore’s BNI.

Social and business networking is not something in my comfort zone.

My Videography business expanded not due to any effort in networking and marketing, but by my video works being passed around and catching attention. My works speak for themselves.

So 10 years on, why did I finally decide to join BNI?

The simple answer is I am transforming myself from a self-employed to a business owner. I am applying the teachings Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Being a business owner comes with higher overheads for additional staff and resource, which in turn requires more business to cover more than the costs.

Back at the 3-minute presentation, actually my very first business presentation since I started VideoLane, I was not prepared and used whatever I have learned in Internet Marketing.

Let me recall what I rambled out of my lips…

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