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What if we, especially videographers, have a vision of an eagleRealistic Blue Eyeballs Halloween Prop (B933). The ablity to see details from afar. This eye improvement method is possible…

I attended an eye-opening educational forum on lasik surgery last night.

LASIK is about using tiny laser beams to correct poor eyesight.

It claims the ability to bring eyes back to zero degrees, in other words, perfect eyesight.

Going further, an enhanced laser surgery can even make your eyes see further than any human beings can.

They call it the Eagle Eye vision which famous golfer Tiger Woods did.

Hmmm… I was thinking what if videographers get eagle eye vision, wouldn’t that be perfect?

We will be able to see and shoot things that others cannot see.

The surgery is rather pricey though, like $2000 and over.

It can help in the 3 most common poor eyesight problems:

  1. Short-sightedness: which happen to those who study very hard and those who do video editing everyday or rather work in front of the computer always. Can see near but cannot see far.
  2. Long-sightedness: which happen to those over 40 years old or what they call “aging problem”. Can see far but cannot see near.
  3. Astigmatism: which happen when your eyeballs are not perfect ball shape or rather out-of-shape eyes. They say you are born with it but I disagree. See things distorted.

Arrrgh! I have them all!

What am I going to do about it?

I will continue with my natural eye exercises and see the results first.

Will you go LASIK?

Adrian Lee

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