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How to Convert Mac Fonts to PC Fonts Free?

Convert Mac Fonts to PC FontsI stayed up till 2 am last night googling for a free mac to pc font converter software. You may think I am such a cheapskate when I can just buy one from $50.

That’s right, mac to pc font converter softwares are not cheap.

I never needed to convert mac fonts to pc fonts since I started video production 10 years ago. Not till the latest project where the corporate fonts were given to me in mac format.

PCs cannot read nor install mac fonts. You have to convert them to PC format fonts first. You can either convert them on the mac then bring them over to the PC or you can convert the mac fonts directly on the PC. In any case, that means when looking for a mac to pc font converter software, you have to take note of its operating system requirement.

Since I do not have macs, I looked for a mac to pc font converter that runs on a Windows PC.

Based on my google research, there were many free font converters in the past, but somehow they do not exist anymore.

I will not buy any software because I am going to use it only once in ten years. :)

So the best deal is to download the commercial Crossfont which you use free for 15 days.

Using Crossfont, the conversion was quick and easy. Just locate the mac fonts folder then convert the font files one by one. For batch conversion, you have to pay up first.

Convert Mac Fonts to PC Fonts

Go try it now if you are looking for the same thing as I did.

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CrossFont for Windows can convert TrueType and PostScript Type1 fonts between Macintosh and PC platforms and convert Type 1 to OpenType. Features include Zip and Stuffit support, font preview, automatic file recognition, drag and drop, folder searching, font outlines and hinting are preserved, OS X dfont support.


Here is a comprehensive list of Mac <=> PC Font Conversion resource.


Here are 21 Most Visited Free Fonts Sites.

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