8 Rules To Make Your Video Go Viral

7 Surefire Viral Video Rules - 1 Black Hat

Here’s a video that teaches you how to make viral videos.

Viral Video Tactics

The video summarizes everything you need to do to make a video viral. I know they work because I have applied them myself except for Rule #5 which I consider as black hat.
Here are the 8 Rules summarized from the video:

  • Rule #1: Make Video With Pass-it-On Effect.
  • Rule #2: Get on Youtube’s MOST VIEWED Page.
  • Rule #3: Title Optimization.
  • Rule #4: Manipulate the Thumbnail.
  • Rule #5: Have a Conversation With Yourself.
  • Rule #6: Release Videos Simultaneously.
  • Rule #7: Tag Optimization
  • Rule #8: Track and Measure

How do you make a video with Pass-it-On Effect?

  • Make it Short.
  • Design for remixing.
  • Don’t make an obvious ad.
  • Make it shocking.
  • Make viewers investigate further.
  • Appeal to SEX.

What’s the real secret to jumpstart a viral video?

Share your video with Bloggers, Forums, MySpace, Facebook, Friends and Email Lists. Remember to tell others to share the video with others.

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PS: Where can you learn how to make a Viral Video?

Here is a step-by-step guide that I have used to create videos that got featured on the front page of popular video sharing sites. http://InstantViralVideo.com

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