Transferring Blogger to Wordpress in Two Hours

I have finally made the move... my blog.

From the old Blogger blog to the new Wordpress blog!

Why Do I Want to Move from Blogger to Wordpress?

  1. The comments form in Blogger is inconvenient. Need to click away just to leave a comment.

  2. Almost every famous blogger is using Wordpress. It must be good. Well the template looks more professional.

The Blog is Now On My Own Domain.

I had this domain for 10 years, hosted by Yahoo. complements my real business at

Yahoo Webhosting comes with automatic Wordpress installation, which does not work very well.

So I decided to download wordpress version 2.3.3 and install it myself. It took only 2 hours, including importing posts and comments from the old blog.

Installing Wordpress and Transferring Old Blog Posts.

Let me recall how it was done:

  1. Download Wordpress 2.3.3 zipped file.

  2. Unzip and save in a folder.

  3. Change some settings in the wp-config.php file.

  4. FTP all the files to a subdirectory in my Yahoo server.

  5. Create a database in the server.

  6. Followed the instruction to install.

  7. Fill in the blog name and email address.

  8. Note the given username and password.

  9. Login and import posts and comments from old blog.

  10. Customize and tweak some settings.

That's it! Within 2 hours! Haha, am I an expert or not?

One Problem! Need Help!

There is one problem though, I cannot get the customizable permalink to work. The posts URLs look nice and short but they do not have the SEO element.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Adrian Lee

This blog still need some touching up. Please bear with it while I make the changes bit by bit. :)
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