Video Marketing Tactics "Dum Marketing" Review

My "To Do" list is getting longer. There is more and more things to learn and do to develop my business online.

Offline, I make videos for a living. So when someone writes a report about Video Marketing Tactics that suck in profits, I HAVE to read it.

As the title implies, this 13-page report is written like the famous "Dummies" book series. It is a free download with "rebrand" option.

The "Dum Marketing" Technique is a unique funnel concept that is used in brick-and-mortar malls.

It explains the trick to attract visitors to buy your first product and subsequently entice them to buy more from you.

It has clear flow charts to illustrate the process step-by-step.

There are 5 practical examples of how to use video with this technique. This is the section which I will refer back again when I take action (more things added to my to do list again).

Here is one example:
"You’ve just created a hot little special report and instead of giving the report away, you create a short video explaining to your readers what’s in the report.

Tell them what the report is about, why you wrote it, and about how your report
can benefit them by downloading and reading it.

Do not be afraid to mention price, and to tell them to download the report for
only $1 -$5 before you change the link to a higher price (whatever you choose).

In your special report place a link or links to additional products/services that are
priced exclusive to your readers only."
The 5 examples are enough to keep me busy in trying out the new tactics. That brings me to the part which I don't like about this report... more things to do.

Overall, this short report is not fluff and theory, but practical steps to build your website to sell more and make more money. I recommend you take 30 minutes to read this free report now.

Download Video Marketing Tactics "Dum Marketing" here...

Adrian Lee
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