Video Clip Featured On Front Page of

It is a joy and honour when you see your video being featured on the front page of a video sharing site.

Here is my christmas video featured on the front page of

Here it is again in a subcategory page.

How to get your video featured? I have no idea. Probably it is a "how-to" video related to the holiday season.

You get extra website traffic when your video gets featured on Youtube.

BUT you get EXTRA MONEY when your video gets featured on Received 400 views in one week. Not much but worth it. is one video sharing site that is not often talked about.

Hence competition is not tough and you get a good share of advertising money. pays you based on the number of times your videos get played. puts 80% of the it's ad revenue in a cash pool. Video publishers get to share this 80%. So the more videos you have and the more they get played, the bigger share you will get.

I like this system. No need to click on any ads to make money.

Thanks for watching! :)

Adrian Lee

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