Setting Business Goals for the New Year 2008

My staff will be taking their year-end holiday break from work next week onwards. I know that after a week of holiday from work, anyone will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. So I thought before they go, this would be the best time to meet up with them to review the year 2007 and to come up with new ideas for year 2008.

So here are our 5 business goals for the new year 2008.

  1. DVD Video Product Creation. All these years, we have been helping clients to make videos that promote their business or videos that sell very well. Next year, we will also be making our own videos. It will not be short films, but more like instructional and educational videos.

  2. Event Videography Course. I will personally be imparting my skills for the first time to anyone who would like to start a business and make money making videos. This course will not be the same video production course that they teach in media study schools. This will be a one-to-one training to equip the individual with a valuable skill and a business they can call their own.

  3. CD and DVD Fulfillment. We will be enhancing our disc duplication service to provide direct delivery to clients internationally. The full service will include disc duplication, printing, packing and shipping.

  4. Video Conversion Service. There is no significant profit in this part of the business, though we will continue to provide it as a support to new and current clients.

  5. Wedding Videography Revival. Revival? Yes, I have been neglecting this business in 2007 in order to build up and stabilize the corporate service department. Now that its done, it is time for me to make a come-back. Watch out!

So, have you made your 2008 new year resolution yet?

Adrian Lee

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