Night Photography with the Sony HDR-SR8...

With another flick of the same power button in the same direction as turning it on, the Sony HDR-SR8 100Gb Handycam Camcorder becomes a still camera at 6 megapixels. Here's my quick review of its still photography function when taking pictures at night.

In this video, you see a montage of christmas lights photos I have taken at night,

Here are some night photography tips I discovered with the camcorder.
  1. When taking pictures of lights, turn off the flash function. The lights will appear brighter.
  2. When shooting outdoors at night, there must be plenty of light on your subject. CMOS cameras do not respond to low light very well.
  3. Turn on the flash when the subject is within 5 metres from the camcorder.

I am not a master of photography, but my Sony HDR-SR8 high definition camcorder come in handy when I need to take photos.

The photos are saved in the same hard disk drive as the videos, though you can change the settings to save the photos in the SD card.

One thing I do not like is the slow response. It takes 1 to 2 seconds to snap the image after the button is pressed.

In a couple of blogs later, I will be compiling and revealing a series of photos I have taken in the day.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for watching! :)

Adrian Lee

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