9 Year Old Girl Learns How to Make Money Blogging

VideoPreneur cannot resist but teach his 9 year old kid the right way to blog (ie. monetized and optimized for Google traffic).

My 9 year old kid is a natural when it comes to computers and internet.

She has figured out for herself how to setup accounts in yahoo email, gmail and blogger.com. Not to mention other accounts at Club Penguin, Barbie, Winx Club, etc.

It's the school holiday and as a parent, I want her to do something useful. I know she has been reading books from the library, so I thought why not ask her to blog about book reviews. This will definitely improve her language and writing skills (and make some pocket money recommending the book).

Last night, when I got home from work with a tired face, my kid bounced on her feet and said:
"Daddy daddy, I want you read and correct by book review before I publish it!" (She meant hit the PUBLISH POST button in blogger.com)

I said: "Ok but after my dinner."

Anyway, I read through her draft. The book review was too brief, only 2 paragraphs. I told her to improve it by adding another 6 to 8 more paragraphs.

Next I taught her to improve the blog post title so that Google search traffic can find it easily. Then I taught her about tagging. Finally I taught her how to put an affiliate link to the book she is reviewing.

"WAIT WAIT WAIT! I don't understand all this and why must you do it!" she said, confused.

I didn't realize I was rambling on about internet marketing tips to a 9 year old with all the technical jargons that I thought was so simple to understand.

I paused and pondered.

Dad: "When you go to the arcade to play and you win, you get all those long strips of tickets coming out from the bottom of the machine. Do you like that?"

Kid: "Of course!"

Dad: "Did you know that you cannot buy anything with that except exchange for something in the arcade?"

Kid: "Yes!"

Dad: "If you treat blogging as a game and you win real money so that you can buy anything you want. Wouldn't that be great?"

Kid: "Please teach me now!"

So, I started from the beginning again. This time in a very simplified manner, step by step. At every step there was a new and enlightening question. I'm sure every new beginner will also benefit from this lesson. Hence I decided to write down the lesson in an ebook.

Read my step by step simplified lesson on how to make money blogging for kids here...

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Adrian Lee

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